Our Projects

Just a few of our extremely diverse portfolio of residential projects.

Tile Roof Replacement

Port Colony, FL – Tile Roof Replacement

This high end waterfront home was in severe need of a complete tile roof replacement.  The existing tile roof was badly cracked and the underlayment (the most important component in keeping a tile roof dry) was of an older and less reliable type than modern materials.

​ We completely removed the existing tile roof system and installed a new Bella Entegra “S” Tile system complete with new trim and a 50 yr. manufacturer’s warranty.  The improvement was dramatic

Metal Roof Replacement|Install

Sarasota, FL – Metal Roof Installation

This classic Florida waterfront home had an aging and failing tile roof system w/ asphalt flat roof over the patio.  We removed the existing systems and (for significant energy savings) installed additional rigid roof insulation and a new aluminum GulfLok standing seam metal roof system.  The owner not only has a 25 year roof warranty against leaks, but the paint finish is guaranteed as well.  The difference in energy costs since installing the new white materials has been dramatic.

Shingle Roof Replacement

Sarasota, FL – Shingle Roof Replacement

Here is a replacement of a typical sunburnt shingle roof system.  The owner’s insurance company required an immediate replacement due to it’s complete deterioration.  From initial visit to full completion – we were able to meet a deadline of under ten days.  Have an emergency leak or immediate need for replacement?  Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Lido Home Reno

Lido Key, FL – Deluxe Home – Complete Renovation

When the owners of the former “Vinton House” (formerly owned by the entertainer Bobby Vinton) needed a complete renovation of the 13 different roof areas of this magnificent residence they chose CRM South.  Starting with complete removal of the nearly 40 year old existing roof systems, we then installed new high efficiency roof insulation, improved drainage, custom fabricated stainless steel trim in our sheet metal shop and topped off with a 20 year Thermoplastic TPO roof system.  This was truly a roofer’s delight and we are most proud of this fantastic project delivered on time and on budget!