About Us

Since 1971…


Second Generation Management…

Shawn Chaney, President

​​Born and raised around the business, Shawn always knew he’d be continuing the legacy.  After graduating as a business major in 1993 from Miami University he returned to the Ohio office to integrate new computerized cost tracking and accounting systems and expand the management team.

Once that was complete he turned his attention to the family’s long-time winter home of Sarasota, FL for the southern post of operations.  Combining local management with talent from the north office, he soon found success by stressing the “common sense” approach that his father had instilled so many years before.

Native Sarasota Management…

Midwest “Common Sense” Roots​

Chaney Roofing Maintenance (CRM for short) was founded by Gary Chaney in Northwest Ohio over 4 decades ago.  With little backing and a lot of determination he started small but soon signed on with corporate customers throughout the region.

Always utilizing the latest technology in materials, the most efficient equipment, and demanding a great deal of “common sense” from his management and employees the company has been successful throughout it’s history.

John Tyson, Vice-President​​

Born & Raised in Sarasota, FL – John Tyson is all about local knowledge when it comes to the construction industry.  As head of sales, an estimator, and occasional project manager, he wears many hats for our company.  It’s not unusual to see him at the job sites multiple times per week with an eye on maintaining high quality standards and the most efficient processes.

Whether you have a potential project in mind, a roofing related question or a problem we can help solve, feel free to call our office any time and ask for John – he’ll be happy to discuss!

Call John Today: 941-999-3137

CRM Roofing is licensed and insured in the state of Florida- Our Roofers are professionals that have decades of experience. Contact us today for a no hassle estimate on a roof repair, roof replacement. We service Sarasota, Bradenton and the surrounding areas.